What we do – Sporkids Connection Services

Multi sports sessions for kids from 18 months onwards, group and individual sessions, special education needs sessions, birthday parties, social and sports events.


We do Multi-sports sessions with different exercises every week and that work all parts of the body in a funny and exciting way.

With the younger ones we do exercises related with numbers, colours, animals and different themes connected with the nursery, ball skills and basic movements like kicking, throwing, catching.

After they are used to us we do simple exercises that are the principles of their sports like scoring goals, relay races or smashing with a tennis racket.

With the older ones our games are more based on team games, having turns, sharing and the sports themselves trying to be inclusive so everyone can make their best and feel proud of themselves.

We stimulate the kids to be happy through sports and connect with others and to learn and develop having fun.

After school clubs and before school activities

Complementary sessions for the kids to develop their skills and enjoy even more their favourite sports, these sessions are focus on technical and tactical exercises that go beyond the PE sessions and that demand the best of everyone so they can understand their sport in a more deeper and professional way without losing the fun and getting even more enthusiastic and passionate about their preferences.

These sessions help the kids get more focus in their classroom and burn the extra energy they have.

Help their teachers and parents calming the kids down and make them happier everyday doing the things they like more times and developing their mental, motor and social skills.

Birthday parties

The most important day of their year is a very special day for us too, with themes that they can choose and with a variety of games related with those themes, or coaches deliver moments of great fun and enjoyment for everyone, that everyone can do it and that makes everyone happy.

We can do it on inside or outside venues and parks or at people’s houses.

The range of kids and ages are not a problem just making difference on the number of coaches we use.

Our parties are normally between 1 hour and 2 hours depending on the age and space provided.

We arrive 30 min before to set up and provide all the sports equipment.

Group sessions

Get some friends together and make sports and have fun together. Kids love to play with their mates and show them what they are capable.

These sessions are similar to what’s done in the clubs but without the pressure of being selected or not been able to play because they are in the bench watching the others play.

They learn all the aspects of the game inclusive the rules and what is expected from them when they go one step further on their performance, all inclusive and bringing the best on every one, this sessions build confidence on the kids and makes them understand that with hard work and teamwork they can grow at all levels.

1 on 1 sessions

Our specialists coaches in different sports plan and deliver sessions that are focus on the aspects and objectives the parents have for their kids, it can be more technical or more focus, can be to develop their performance on a movement or a skill.

Starting from the basics and make the kids be aware of the importance of every step, this work is fundamental to give confidence, strength, balance and power to the kids.

They are not exclusively for the wonder kids or the ones that want to achieve professional levels but to all the kids that lack in something and want to be better and feel better.

Special Education Needs (SEN) sessions

Some of our coaches go the extra mile and have the knowledge and touch to understand and be comprehensive with kids that for some reason lack in some aspects.

Working with SEN kids is a challenge and complex work that only with the right approach is possible to obtain the goals expected.

These kids can produce wonderful and surprising work as they normally have some areas where they have beyond normal ability like memory, sensitivity or space awareness and where through a progressive and attenive plan can deliver amazing results, in some cases becoming the best at their sport or skill.

Sports day and fundraising events

On these days we come and help the nurseries and schools make the most of a great day.

Providing great fun and interesting challenges, we show to the parents and teachers our work and we make everyone get involved taking part on a great day.

Participating is the most important thing, always with a bit of spice for a fun and cooperative  competition. For the nurseries and schools it’s always a big day and we try to make it even more special with a big outcome and where in the end everyone wins. Great moments and experience through fun and lots of laughs.